Shadow of the Wolf

Shadow of the Wolf by Rebecca Flanders

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Rebecca Flanders

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Shape Shifters

by Rebecca Flanders
Silhouette Dreamscapes
ISBN 0-373-51220-1
$4.50 US / $5.25 Can.
Series - Heart of the Wolf

To catch a killer

TV journalist Amy Fortenoy knew the only way to catch the elusive "werewolf killer" was to dangle herself as bait. But when she got in over her head, sexy Ky London came to her rescue. Suddenly she was really in trouble. Because teaming up with the alluring P. I. raised the staked - which now included her heart.

Ky had his own very private reason for joining the investigation. Yet he never should have involved the determined ace reporter. She was a sultry distraction he couldn't afford. For if he lost his concentration, they could lose their lives the the beast within himself.

Within a few souls, the Heart of the Wolf beats fierce and wild. Feel  them, fear them, tame them . . .

As with the other Heart of the Wolf books, this is going on our Favorites shelf. This book was a good way to end the trilogy. And maybe bring this group of wolves back later? Hopefully.


"What the hell do you mean breaking into my house . . .

    "putting wiretaps on my phones, setting up surveillance equipment? Are you completely insane? I ought to call the police right now and turn you in - you could lose your license for this! I can't believe the arrogance -"
    Ky smiled. "Getting over your crush on me, are you?"
    It was such a ridiculous thing to say; his smile was so unexpected and sexy and charming. For a moment Amy could do nothing but gape at him. Once she recovered, she answered, "By the minute."
    "That's good," he said "because from now on neither one of us is going to have much time for flirting. Now, what I need from you is -"
    "All right, that is it." Amy flung up both hands in a gesture of defiance and spun on her heel toward the door. "I don't need this. Get out. You're fired!"

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